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Humans of Hospitality

Oct 26, 2020

David Begg is one of those hospitality obsessives regular listeners will know I love to meet.  Another one of those humans that has a little tiny seedling of an idea, that turns into an obsession that turns into an utterly awesome product that then enhances all of our worlds of food, drink and hospitality.

And this time...

Oct 19, 2020

I love the Pig Hotels and their obsession on the best local produce.  This extends to their beautiful kitchen gardens where group chef James Golding gave me a tour in a previous podcast episode.  After a recent chat with Ollie's Dad and CEO Robin Hutson, I was excited to arrange to go to the Pig nursery in the New...

Oct 12, 2020

Finally, we are doing a sustainability episode.  And I say finally because regular listeners will know that sustainability comes up alot in my conversations when we think about farming and plant based diets and the impact on the environment of what we eat and drink.  But what I’d not touched on thus far was the...

Oct 5, 2020

Gregorie, from Blackthorn knows an incredible amount about salt.  His family have been involved in salt for over 140 years.  His Dad’s Dad Dad set up the business, but this latest venture is their first foray into the actual production of salt.  You should probably pause this episode at this point and go to